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Stand Off Acrylic Mounting 20 x 30 cm (SOAM 20 x 30 cm)

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Paper:Upgrade to Metallic Paper (add $6)
Acrylic:Upgrade to 6mm Acrylic Thickness (add $6)
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Stand Off Acrylic Mounting Display Panel 20 x 30 cm :
Custom made for your image or graphics


This Stand Off Acrylic Mounting Display Panel is perfect for all images and graphics. The sophisticated and modern touch will impress customers, clients and staff. This product comes ready to hang on the wall, it comes standard with the below with options on hand.

- Image/Graphic is face mounted on the back of a 4.5mm Laser cut ultra clear acrylic panel
- Image/Graphic is Printed on high Gloss Photographic Paper using a 12 colour Canon Pigment Ink wide Format Printer

- Image/Graphic comes with 4 Aluminium Standoff Bolts hanging system on the corners of each panel 
- This Acrylic Panel comes standard with a gloss finish paper


- 6mm Laser cut ultra clear acrylic panel (Provides depth in image)
- Metallic Photographic Paper (Provides a Metallic Perl Finish)

Just email us you image or graphic and we will manufacture and send out a sophisticated ready to hang Photo Display Frame



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